Polish driving license exam questions for 2023

The theoretical exam is taken as a computer-based test at the Voivodeship Training Centre for Drivers, where each examinee is given an individual set of 32 single-choice questions. The test consists of two parts:

  1. 20 questions of basic knowledge with the option to answer "yes" or "no." The examinee has 20 seconds to read the question and another 15 to answer.
  2. 12 questions from specialized knowledge, where one must choose one of three answer suggestions marked A, B and C. The examinee has 50 seconds to read the question and answer.

To pass the exam, you must score at least 68 points out of a possible 74. Questions are scored according to how important they are for road safety: you can score 1-3 points. You cannot go back to previous questions. The entire theoretical part of the exam lasts 25 minutes.The videos illustrating the questions display once and stop at the last frame, which remains on the screen for the entire time allotted for answering.